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War or Peace

“People fight because they are different. The greater the difference, the greater the conflict.” – Karl Marx (German Philosopher)

War metaphors invade our everyday business language. But really its just competition, not business, that acts like war;supposedly necessary and valiant, but ultimately destructive. 

Why do we, as humans, keep competing with each other? In ancient times, the rules of nature were easy. If you didn’t compete for food, shelter or women, you would die. We still compete for those things, but that mentality in this generation actually makes us a weaker workforce.

When we compete, two negative things can happen.

-We start imitating the competition

-We focus too much on our competitor, instead of our   own business growth

Microsoft and Google were two great companies who came from different place of interests. Microsoft got their name by building operating systems and office applications while Google made search engines. What was there to fight about?Lots, Apparently.

As a startup each companies had been content about their own personal work and began to prosper. But as they grew, they began to focus on each other’s success. As result they starting making very similar products. Windows vs Chrome OS, Bing vs Google Search , Explorer vs Chrome and so on.

War cost them their dominance. Apple came along and overtook them both in performance and profits, and eventually their market value. While Microsoft and Google were focussing on each other, Apple became the biggest tech company in the world.

Moral of the story? Competition is bad. Focus on the value that you add in your OWN company, not on how much better you are compared to someone else.

This is so important, especially in game development where our focus tends to be on our competitors. We should focus on our work and adding great value to our community of players, which will eventually lead to a more successful game. Let’s focus on working towards greatness!

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